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infographic-low porosity hair care tips.

Low Porosity Essentials

Tools Used In Development -- MS PowerPoint, Canva (image), The Noun Project (icons)

Time In Development -- 2 days

Targeted Audience -- Natural hair salon's customers who are all affected by the current pandemic.

Summary -- This is a simple infographic on hair care tips for low porosity hair. A local natural hair stylist asked me to create a training solution that she can send to her clients quickly. During the current pandemic, she hasn’t been able to provide hair care services to her customers for health safety reasons. Instead, she can send hair care tips and product recommendations via email, text, and social media to her clients as they care for their hair at home.

The client really liked the product and began sharing the infographic on her social media pages. To measure its effectiveness, we can observe and measure the number of shares and likes on social media posts, as well as reading the clients' comments. Once she re-opens her salon, she plans to collect additional feedback from her clients about the shared content via casual conversations and a simple online survey. 

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