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Stay Well While Driving

Tools Used In Development -- Vyond (video), MS PowerPoint (storyboard and script), MS Word (design document), Canva (reference sheet)

Time In Development -- 1 week

Targeted Audience -- Taxi drivers employed by a local taxi company

Summary -- This training project will discuss the best health practices and safety tips for taxi drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic. It consists of a series of three short animated instructional videos and two quick reference sheets for drivers and their passengers respectively. Topics discussed include general preventive tips (shown below in this asset), mandatory rules for limiting contact with passengers, and appropriate practices for cleaning and disinfecting vehicles regularly. This training will be online and asynchronous.

To measure the effectiveness of this training project, the following metrics can be observed and recorded: participants’ assessment scores, participants’ survey feedback, participants’ COVID-19 test results – before and after training, passengers’ hotline feedback on participants’ work performances, and supervisor’s observations of participants using dash camera video recordings.

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