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Rebuild To Heal - ILT

Tools Used In Development -- Camtasia (video), Audacity (audio narration), MS Powerpoint (facilitator guide and participant workbook), MS Word (storyboard and design document), Canva (slide deck), The Noun Project (icons), Pixels (stock video clips)

Time In Development -- 1 week

Targeted Audience -- All participants are current residents of a local recovery house under a contractual agreement with the client.

Summary -- REBUILD TO HEAL is an instructor-led training [ILT] project consisting of a slide deck, a separate instructional video, participant workbook, and a facilitator guide. This training project uses a blended learning approach of face-to-face instruction via a 2-day workshop, video presentation during the workshop, and 4 weeks of mentoring. The purpose of this project is to help participants recovering from substance abuse to rebuild their lives.

There are several ways to assess and evaluate the progress of the participants. During the workshop, the instructors can walk around and monitor the participants as they worked on the activities; also, the participants will be encouraged to share their answers and written responses from the workshop activities. After the workshop ends, the participants will use the tools and techniques learned at the workshop in their own lives. They will have to share their efforts and progress during weekly group meetings and individual sessions with the instructors/life coaches for four weeks. Participants will have an opportunity to provide evaluation feedback via two post-workshop surveys.

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