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Filing Status

Tools Used In Development -- Articulate Storyline (eLearning module), MS PowerPoint (storyboard), MS Word (job aid)

Time In Development -- 5 days

Targeted Audience -- Returning tax preparers with at least 2 years of experience.

Summary -- This is a quick refresher of compliance training overview on filing status.  In addition to the short eLearning module, this training includes a job aid that will be useful for the knowledge check at the end of the module. This is an effort to create a series of short, IRS-approved training solutions on refresher topics i.e., topics that undergo little or no changes annually in IRS regulations and guidelines.

This training project can be evaluated using common LMS metrics like the numbers of views and completion of the module, and knowledge check results and retries. In addition, other metrics to use for evaluation include Tax Preparer Readiness Test scores and the number of tax returns audited by the IRS. 

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