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Create A Graph In PPT Demo (Screencast)

Tools Used In Development -- Camtasia, MS PowerPoint [PPT], SnagIt (storyboard), Audacity (audio narration), MS Word (script), YouTube (online host)

Time In Development -- 3 days

Targeted Audience -- General public

Summary -- This is a screencast recording of a simple demo on how to create a simple column graph in PPT.  It was my goal to create three assets – a storyboard, a script, and an instructional video – from one project. It can be used by any user who wants to learn how to create a column graph (or any type of chart/graph) on PPT.

Since the video is hosted online via YouTube, I can always refer to YouTube Analytics to see how many viewers have seen my video, shared my video, liked my video, and posted comments to read. Thus, it can be a learning experience for anyone who views it. 

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