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Hurricane Preparation During COVID-19

Tools Used In Development -- Articulate Storyline (interactive infographic), MS PowerPoint (storyboard and print infographic), The Noun Project (icons)

Time In Development -- 1 week

Targeted Audience -- General public

Summary -- These are simple interactive and print infographics on hurricane preparation. This year’s hurricane season will be a unique one since it coincides with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, additional precautions and care must be considered in preparing for these storms. These interactive and print infographics provide essential information and tips to protect people’s lives and to preserve personal property and well-being.

The client could analyze the number of times viewers visited the infographic, viewed the entire infographic, viewed and/or downloaded the printed version of the infographic, and shared the link to the infographic. The client can also account for viewers’ comments regarding the infographic.

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