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Zoom Security Tips

Tools Used In Development -- MS PowerPoint, The Noun Project (icons)

Time In Development -- 1 day

Targeted Audience -- Employees who are now working remotely due to the current pandemic.

Summary -- This is a simple job aid stating security tips for hosting Zoom meetings. This is specifically for Basic (free account) users since more of them started using the Zoom videoconferencing app once the COVID-19 pandemic began in March. Consequently, more instances of “Zoombombing” occurred, where uninvited guests used Zoom app’s privacy and security weak spots to invade Zoom meetings and post inappropriate and offensive material during the meetings. Zoom immediately addressed the matter and has made improvements in its app’s privacy and security features. In addition, Zoom has provided users with tips to host more secure online meetings using its improved app.

To measure the effectiveness of the job aid, employers can determine the number of Zoom work meetings held after the job aid was released that was interrupted by uninvited guests. If there were no interruptions, then the job aid was effective. If there were minimum interruptions, the managers can work with individual employees to properly use job aid. If there are several interruptions, either the job aid will need to be revised, Zoom will need to be notified of these serious errors, or an alternative videoconferencing app will be used instead.

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